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Executive Management

Amir Neshat, DDS   More Info
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kay Kabarsky    More Info
Senior Vice President, Professional Services
John Carvelli    More Info
Executive Vice President
Hugh Hazlewood    More Info
Vice President, New Business Development
Randy Brecher    More Info
Senior Vice President
Marsha Hazlewood    More Info
Vice President, Client Services
Maja Kapic    More Info
Chief Financial Officer
Richard Hague, DMD    More Info
Dental Director
Bill Henderson    More Info
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Gary Dougan, DDS, MPH     More Info
National Dental Director
Lynda Bull
Vice President, Account Management Nevada
Dave Meadows    More Info
Senior Vice President,Government Health Programs

Senior Management

Augustina Waty
Director, Finance
Gavi Morales
Director, Claims
Beth Tillman
Director, Member Services
John McCarthy
General Manager, Missouri
Betty Gilbert 
Director, Professional Relations Nevada and Central Regions
Kevin Ennis
Vice President, Northeast Operations
Chi Nguyen DMD
Dental Director, Utilization Review
Lisa Wright
Legal Counsel
Dawn Singer
Director, Underwriting & Actuarial Services
Machelle Madden
Director, Claims Systems
Dung Ton
Director, Professional Relations Western Regions
Nico Alvarez
Director, Account Management
Edward Bynum
Director, Special Projects
Terry Allen
General Manager, Nevada
Eric Kim
Director, Information Technology