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LIBERTY Dental Plan is Always There For Me
LIBERTY Dental Plan is Always There For Me

At LIBERTY, we are both pleased and grateful to have you as one of our members. We look forward to providing you with dental benefits and being of service to you.

One of our many goals is to provide you with self-service tools that can be used at your convenience. To protect your privacy and personal health information, you will be asked to log-in before being granted access to our web portal, iTransact. Once there, you can search for a dentist, print or request an ID card, view your eligibility status and benefits, access claims history and much more.

Member Services

Helpful Registration Hints!

  • Choose "Member", and then click "Select".
  • Each Member of a family may have their own account. 
  • For Member Number enter your number (Example: XXXXXXX-01). All LIBERTY member #'s have -01 for the primary account holder, -02 for spouse, -03, -04 etc.. for children and other family members. Your card might not show this information, but is necessary when registering.

It's important we treat you fairly!

That's why we follow federal civil rights laws in our health programs and activities. We don't discriminate, exclude people, or treat them differently on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. For people with disabilities, we offer free aids and services. For people whose primary language isn't English, we offer free language assistance services through interpreters and other written languages.

Language Assistance Information | 語言協助信息 | Información sobre Asistencia en su Idioma