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The current core of our provider self-help tool suite, iTransact, grants your office real time access to:

  • View claims for all dentists working at the practice
  • Obtain detail on claims including status and payment info
  • Submit individual referrals and claims
  • Real time eligibility for all offices searching for individual members
  • And for our DHMO offices, a full up to date roster

To activate your own iTransact office account you’ll need to have the following ready:

  • Your unique LIBERTY Dental Plan office ID number
  • Your unique LIBERTY Dental Plan office Access Code
  • The phone Number of Record we have on file
  • A valid and working email address.
  • The first and last name of the Primary user of the account (the Contracting Dentist or office manager are the two most popular choices here)
  • You will need to come up with a unique User ID Name, a hint, make it easy to remember and simple to spell
  • A password easy enough for you to remember but complex or difficult enough so that it can’t be guessed