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Tele-Dental Video Transcript
Let’s talk about how Liberty Dental Plan’s Tele-Dental System works.
In the event that you cannot reach your Primary Care Dentist, and you are experiencing
pain or discomfort and think you are in need of URGENT dental care call 866-544-2981
This number can be called 24/7 and is always staffed by our team of Member Service
Representatives who are trained and ready to begin triaging your emergency. We have our
translation service team on call as well if your preferred language is not English.
Our member service representative will ask you a few brief questions prior to connecting you
to one of Liberty Dental Plans Licensed Staff Dentists. At this point, the Dentist will have the
option of connecting to you through our Video conference. You will receive a text message
to your phone with a link to join the Video. If you do not have access to a video enabled
device, or chose not to have video enabled, you can still have your dental consult
Our dentists will begin a thorough exam reviewing your symptoms, your past medical and
dental history before coming to a resolution. This may include calling in a prescription to your
local pharmacy or having our member services team find you the next available
appointment at a dentist in your area.
However, if any of your symptoms include difficulty breathing, or you have swelling that you
feel is closing of your airway, immediately dial 9-1-1
We want you to know that Liberty Dental Plan will be here to support your urgent dental
needs throughout these uncertain times. Please be safe, we will get through this together.