LIBERTY Dental Plan health tip:  
Fluoride Varnish  
LIBERTY cares about more than just teeth!  
what is fluoride varnish?  
Fluoride varnish is a liquid coating containing fluoride that is painted on the teeth. It  
strengthens the teeth and helps prevent tooth decay.  
why should fluoride varnish be applied?  
Fluoride varnish should be put on a child’s teeth because cavities can begin as soon as  
the first tooth comes in. Cavities in baby teeth can cause pain and can prevent children  
from sleeping, speaking, and even learning properly. Children do not lose all their baby  
teeth until they are 11 or 12 years old. Tooth decay is the most common preventable  
disease in children.  
how is fluoride varnish applied?  
Fluoride varnish is applied with a small brush. The tasteless, quick drying liquid is applied to  
clean, dry teeth.  
after the fluoride varnish application procedure:  
Eat only soft foods for at least 2 hours after treatment  
Do not consume hot drinks or use mouthwash for at least 6 hours after treatment  
Wait 24 hours until brushing and flossing teeth  
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