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Value-Based Program (VBP)

LIBERTY is revolutionizing dental care through its BRUSH Program; driving change from volume-based care to value-based outcomes via Alternative Payment Models (APMs) that incentivize providers for patient health outcomes.

*If you would like to join the BRUSH Program please click on one of the buttons below based on your current status as a LIBERTY provider*

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Value-Based Program

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LIBERTY's Value-Based Programs improve dental care.

Benefits and
Rewards for
Services and
Healthy Outcomes

LIBERTY focuses on improving oral health outcomes, which allows providers to focus on their practice.

With the BRUSH Program, LIBERTY invests dollars back into our provider community to reward prevention, early intervention, and ultimately, sustaining wellness.

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Value-Based Programs
Provider Benefits

This innovative program rewards participating providers with incentives for:

  • Practicing preventive dentistry that leads to healthy outcomes
  • Encouraging patients to establish a dental home
  • Engaging patients to take an active role in their own care to help ensure their oral health
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