About LIBERTY Dental Plan

Company Facts

LIBERTY buildingCompany Background

  • Privately held
  • In business since 2001
  • Over 3 million members nationwide

Key Executives

  • Senior management has over 200+ combined years of industry experience

Competitive Information

  • Live Representatives answer every phone call
  • 99% client retention
  • Smart Phone Application for Apple and Android markets

Lines of Business

  • Government Sponsored (Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP)
  • Commercial
  • Union/Taft Hartley
Helping to Make Communities Shine
LIBERTY'S Mission and Philosophy
Leadership and Regional Contacts
Find out how LIBERTY gives back. See our programs and corporate giving.
LIBERTY sincerely believes in its Mission and Philosophy. We strive to achieve them every day.
LIBERTY Dental Plan is a Dental Benefit Corporation headquartered in California with offices throughout the nation.