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LIBERTY Dental Plan in Illinois

LIBERTY Dental Plan has developed and maintains a Medicare and Medicaid comprehensive and compliant dental provider network in the state of Illinois that includes working with Rural, Community and FQHC dental community clinic organizations.

LIBERTY’s government dental program experience in Illinois began with the administration of Medicare, Duals, SPDs and a Medicaid Value-Add benefit program in partnership with Meridian Health Plan of Illinois. LIBERTY then expanded its program offerings with Harmony Health Plan of Illinois with a Medicaid Value-Add benefit program. In 2014, LIBERTY was selected by Harmony, Family Health Network and Meridian health plans to implement and administer the statewide expansion of Medicaid Managed Care for the FHP/ACA and ICP programs.

LIBERTY currently serves as the benefits administrator for Next Level Health Plan’s Medicaid Dental Program and Harmony Health Plan’s Medicare Advantage Dental Program.

We are proud to show that our commitment to providing quality, innovative, accountable dental benefits has resulted in LIBERTY posting the highest CMS 416 (access and utilization) scores in 2016 as demonstrated in the graph below.


Staying True

Our Mission

LIBERTY Dental Plan is committed to being the industry leader in providing quality, innovative, and affordable dental benefits with the utmost in member satisfaction.

LIBERTY is a different kind of Managed Care plan that is changing the face of oral health. We are managed by Dentists and know what is needed to best serve you and protect your oral health.

Oral Health Mission

LIBERTY’s mission is to be the industry leader in increasing dental health awareness with the utmost focus on improving our member’s oral health outcomes across their lifespan. We recognize that Wellness Programs and Disease Management support overall physical and oral health. We excel at staying on the forefront of development and implementation of such programs.

Oral Health Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and has remained the same since our inception. We are committed to ensuring that our members receive necessary preventative and diagnostic treatments on a routine basis, averting costly and damaging episodic treatment. Additionally, we reach out to members to provide them with valuable Oral Hygiene Instruction and Case Management when necessary to promote a lifetime of exceptional oral health.


LIBERTY’s Promise

We are your accountable partner on the forefront of oral healthcare. We are educators and advocates completely dedicated to improving oral health and whole person health in the communities we serve, and we give 110% all the time, every time.

LIBERTY stands for oral health:
  • We believe oral health is part of “whole body health and well-being” and a dental plan should be a partner, putting members at the front and center of all they do
  • We are pro-efficiency and believe in relieving administrative burden
  • We believe oral healthcare isn’t an industry, it’s a cause


LIBERTY has redefined Dental Managed Care by addressing the industry negatives and offers a better solution:
  • Quick, easy enrollment and less red tape and bureaucracy – allowing you and your office staff to focus on care delivery and growing your business
  • Relief from the administrative burden of pre-authorizations
  • Relief from past managed care misconceptions - we do it differently
  • Caring and personal support staff that answer your calls and resolve 98% of issues within the first call
  • Fast payments
  • Higher satisfaction

Our Illinois Executive Team

Dr. Jason Grinter, Dental Director (see below)

Judy Bowlby, Senior Manager, Government Programs,

Kelly Pulliam, Director of Provider Relations,

Bryan McMillan, Network Manager,

LIBERTY scores highest in IL Medicaid Program
IL CMS 416 utilization scores by plan graph
Illinois CMS 416 scores by plan and for Fee For Service. These are the scores for the federal fiscal year ended September 30, 2015, as reported to CMS by the state in September 2016.
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Preferred Dentistry Associates receives Center of Excellence Award from LIBERTY Dental Plan and is recognized by Illinois Senator Steans

PDA receives COE Award from LIBERTY
Celebrate College of Dentistry's Recognition with IL State Senator Patricia Van Pelt

Meet Our Dental Director: Jason M. Grinter DDS, MPH

Dr. Jason Grinter's picture
Dr. Grinter joined LIBERTY in 2015 as Dental Director for the Illinois region. Formerly, he has served as Dental Director at Milestone Dental Clinic, a non-profit dental clinic attending patients with development disabilities, and as the Director of Special Patient Care at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Dr. Grinter is a graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, and he also holds a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Illinois. In 2010, Dr. Grinter was awarded Erie Family Health’s Golden Toothbrush award. He currently chairs the Illinois State Dental Society Access to Care Committee and is a member on the Chicago Dental Society Government Affairs and Access to Care Committee.

Contact Dr. Jason Grinter: