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What is the best way for me to check for patient's eligibility and benefits?

Eligibility verification, including plan coverage and benefits, can be found through LIBERTY’s on-line web portal, "ITransact" or by calling our toll free number 888-703-6999.

For DHMO- Capitation plans, when should I expect to receive monthly eligibility roster?

At the beginning of each month, each capitation provider office will receive an updated Roster (eligibility list) of LIBERTY Dental Plan members who have selected the office for their dental care.

How do I register on-line?

At the top of our site is "Account Logon". Click on the link and select "REGISTER". Choose Office as the account type, and answer the security questions, answers provided in your LIBERTY provider manual. Once you have created a username and password you are ready to logon.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Use the link at the top of the site "Account Login" and select "Forgot Password" to reset your password yourself, or if you need additional assistance please call LIBERTY Dental’s customer Help Desk by calling our toll free number (888) 703-6999.

What are the benefits of submitting claims electronically on-line?

  • On-line availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Real Time benefit information, including real time status of annual maximums and deductibles
  • Online submission of authorizations, claims and referrals
  • Real Time submission, including x-rays and other attachments.

Can I submit claims and attachments via a clearinghouse?

 Yes! Our ID number for electronic claim submission is available to network providers by contacting (888) 703-6999. Your office can submit attachments using LIBERTY’s NEA ID number which is made available to network providers.

When should I expect capitation payment?

For providers participating on the capitation networks, each provider office will receive capitation payment within 30 days of receiving their eligibility roster.  A remittance advice detailing the breakdown of capitation paid for each assigned subscriber in each dental facility is provided with the check. 

What is LIBERTY Reimbursement or the DHMO-EPO Plan?

LIBERTY Reimbursement is a resource-shared dental program.

Is there an annual maximum for LIBERTY Reimbursement or the DHMO-EPO Plan Members?

No, there are no annual maximums.

Will I receive an eligibility list for the LIBERTY Reimbursment or the DHMO-EPO Plan?

No.  Network Providers can go to our web site at to check eligibility, or by calling our toll free number at (888) 703-6999.  

For LIBERTY Reimbursment or the DHMO-EPO Plan Members, does the entire family need to receive care from the same network provider office?

No. LIBERTY Reimbursement Plans allow Members to choose different Dental offices

When do I collect co-payments?

Regardless of the plan type, co-payments are due and payable directly from the Members at the time services are rendered.

Is a referral to a specialty care provider a covered benefit?

Yes, Primary Care Providers need to fill out a Request for Specialty Referral Form and send the completed form to our corporate office

How do I report Compliance, Privacy, Ethics, or Fraud, Waste & Abuse concerns?