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Save GMC Plans

Her smile depends on your practice.
Your practice depends on GMC/PHP programs.

Save GMC Programs
Act Now! Your voice
will make a difference

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The closer we work together speaking as one,
the more forcefully we can deliver our message:

GMC/PHP programs are needed!



Here are some of the things your fellow Dentists are saying:

“The GMC plans set themselves apart from Denti-Cal when it comes to general anesthesia. Denti-Cal pays very little for general anesthesia which makes it impossible to find a dental anesthesiologist to provide services.” Read more "Medi-Cal does not cover specialists, so kids would be neglected and in pain. Plus, with Medi-Cal, alone, they will have to wait months to get squeezed into the schedule.” Read more

headphonesListen to Dr. James Musser, DDS speak on behalf of GMC programs at a recent (April 27th) Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee
Listen here

Want to know more, find numerous testimonials here

envelope  View letters submitted by fellow dentists



Now, it’s your turn to make your voice heard!


STEP 1: Choose one of the templates below to create your own letter for legislators:

Protect GMC – General Los Angeles Sacramento
Protect GMC – Multi-specialty Group Los Angeles Sacramento
GMC is the Only Way I Can Treat the Underserved Los Angeles Sacramento
If GMC is out, I’m out! Los Angeles Sacramento

STEP 2: Copy the language and follow each link below to submit