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Oral Health & Wellness Tips

LIBERTY cares about more than just teeth! We care for our members' overall health and wellness. In order to help you better understand and ensure oral health in your home, we offer these valuable resources:

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  • AdultCare: Daily Oral Hygiene Tips    English   Spanish

  • AdultCare: Healthy Mouth and Body   English   Spanish

  • AdultCare: Diabetes and Oral Health    English   Spanish

  • AdultCare: Establishing a Dental Home    English

  • AdultCare: First Dental Visit    English

  • AdultCare: Heart Conditions and Oral Health    English

  • AdultCare: Pregnancy and Oral Health    English

  • AdultCare: Prevent Tooth Decay    English

  • AdultCare: Snack Ideas    English   Spanish

  • AdultCare: Healthy Nutrition Tips    English   Spanish


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For more information on dental health and tips from the ADA American Dental Association click here