LIBERTY's Executive Management

Amir Neshat, DDS
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beth Tillman
Director, Special Projects
John Carvelli
Executive Vice President &
Compliance Officer
Renee Mercer
Vice President, Operations
Randy Brecher
Senior Vice President
Kay Kabarsky
National Vice President, Provider Relations
Rohan Reid
Chief Operating Officer
Betty Gilbert
Vice President, Professional Relations, Southeast
John Godzina
Chief Information Officer
Dung Ton
Vice President, Professional Relations, West
Maja Kapic
Chief Financial Officer
Anne Weeks
Northeast Regional President
Bill Henderson
Senior Vice President,
Business Development Government
Lisa Wright
Vice President & General Counsel
Dave Meadows
Senior Vice President
Nico Alvarez
Vice President, Client Services
Stuart Williams
Vice President, Corporate Development
Georgann Brannon
Vice President, Human Resources
Heather Stearns
Vice President, Government Relations
Richard Hague, DMD
California Dental Director
Todd Gray, DDS
Chief Dental Officer
Marzena Fercz
Director, Compliance
Kristina Rovirosa
Vice President of Quality Management