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LIBERTY Dental Plan expands its Virtual Dental Services (TeleHealth/TeleDentistry) in response to the current pandemic (Leer en EspaƱol)



Our solution is designed to provide enrollees remote access to a broad spectrum of dental care needs via several digital and telecommunication technologies 24/7 and it’s designed to divert hospital emergency room visits in lieu of the current Pandemic.

Our clinicians are accessible via phone or computer from anywhere to address emergency and urgent dental needs. They are able to diagnose the problems and initiate remediation that may include prescription for antibiotics and/or pain medication as well as simple home based therapeutics.

If an in-person care is required, dental emergency visits are coordinated by our member services team with appropriate dentists available for emergency and urgent dental treatments. Our care managers perform follow-ups and stay engaged with those who have accessed our virtual dental services.

Our provider relations team is constantly in communications with our providers and maintains a daily list of those who are available in each area to provide in-person dental services.

Depending on the length of the current suspension and postponement of routine and non-urgent dental care, we expect that the need for these services will climb exponentially in the coming days and in response we have created “Virtual Dental Teams” that include, Dentists, Dental Specialists, Care Coordinators case managers/medical nurses- who work closely together in each market and state with a member centric focus.

Any member experiencing dental pain or a potential dental emergency should:

  • Start by contacting your dental provider for local assistance and treatment.

  • If your provider is unable to provide support or treatment due to closures, contact LIBERTY’s toll-free member hotline 888-703-6999 for navigation to the Teledentistry Program. During normal and after business hours, members can access this service through our call center.

  • Immediately call 911 if the situation is thought to be life-threatening.


Our expanded Teledentistry Program will be available until further notice. LIBERTY will continue to monitor this fluid situation and adjust to support our members and providers as needed.